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This web site is about independent music distributors.  Back before the web music was sold at a cd stores. These retail distributors got their released cds from wholesale distributors. Today a cd store is in trouble and is not accepting indie music distribution. They are closing down or converting to DVD movies. Music cd distribution for independent record labels has become harder to find.

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The next deadline for this promotion will be May 28, 2010.

Here at DBS Duplication, we do more than just CD's and DVD's... over the last year we have been running a local newspapers called Bloor News Our newspaper is distributed to 15,000 homes and businesses all over Toronto.  We have four music stores in Toronto that has agreed to carry YOUR CD in exchange for an advertisement in our newspaper.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please have 10 CD's with Bio's available for pick-up.  For those of you who have to make more copies, call DBS with your order and we can make sure you can participate in this.  We will not benefit financially from your CD sales, but their presence in these local stores will work to advertise the services we offer here at DBS Duplication to other artists.

Once you provide us with a few copies of your recording, all you have to do is direct sales to the music retail stores and you can not only track the purchases of your loyal fans, but be able to show on your myspace page and other printed material that you have a music distribution deal. 

Each store will receive one copy of each CD at first, then we will provide the contact names and store address so you can easily restock them. If you would like we at DBS can do this for you. Retail music store suggested price would be $12.99. Sold to the stores at $5.99. More info about our distribution deal at

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Call Paul Murton

The next deadline for this promotion will be May 28, 2010.

See the tabs listed on the right side. Also check out our customers' cds that are now in retail music stores in toronro.






















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